Compliance Basic Policy

Compliance Basic Policy

The CAP Group has established the "CAP Group Code of Conduct" as the basis for the decisions and actions of the directors and employees of the group companies, and it serves as the basic policy for compliance.

CAP Group Code of Conduct

  1. Comply with laws and regulations.
  2. Promote communication with society.
  3. Gaining customer trust.
  4. Establish a relationship of trust with business partners.
  5. Create an environment for employees to realize their potential.
  6. Gain the understanding and support of investors and fund providers.
  7. Have no relationship whatsoever with antisocial forces.
  8. Act with sound sense and pride.

The CAP Group refers to a group of companies consisting of our company and our subsidiaries, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act and its enforcement regulations.

Established: December 1, 2009
Revised: October 1, 2019
Capital Asset Planning , Inc.
Representative Director: Masakazu Kitayama