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Materiality Identification

We will further strengthen our corporate sustainability efforts to realize medium- to long-term corporate value enhancement by deepening our awareness of the social responsibility of corporations to contribute to sustainable social development by solving social issues through our business activities. As part of this effort, we have identified materiality and clarified priority themes to be addressed.

  • 1.Achieving Financial Wellness

    Relevant SDG items

    • SDGs icon - No Poverty
    • SDGs icon - Good Health and Well-Being
    • SDGs icon - Quality Education
    • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    • SDGs icon - Responsible Consumption and Production
    • SDGs icon - Climate Action
    • SDGs icon -  Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
    • SDGs icon - Partnerships for the Goals

    Capital Asset Planning was founded in 1990 to provide an essential and efficient system by integrating FT and IT to guide individuals to rational decision making. By providing a financial wellness platform, we aim to balance and fulfill six financial and financial challenges for our users.

    image - Achieving Financial Wellness image - Achieving Financial Wellness
  • 2.Providing high-quality systems and peace of mind to society

    Relevant SDG items

    • SDGs icon - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    • SDGs icon - Responsible Consumption and Production

    The systems we provide are closely related to finance. Therefore, we recognize that our clients' financial institutions demand high system reliability and information security. We are constantly striving to improve quality through operation of a quality management system, and acquisition of ISO 9001 certification, while striving to enhance customer satisfaction. We also recognize that it is our social responsibility to handle information assets appropriately and prevent information security incidents. Furthermore, when handling personal information, we comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, and take necessary and appropriate measures for the security management of personal information in our possession.

  • 3.Develop a diverse workforce that combines IT and FT

    Relevant SDG items

    • SDGs icon - Good Health and Well-Being
    • SDGs icon - Quality Education
    • SDGs icon - Gender Equality
    • SDGs icon - Decent Work and Economic Growth

    The source of the Group's competitiveness is the knowledge and experience of its members, which have been cultivated by concentrating on specific business areas such as finance and insurance. In addition, as development skills diversify, it is necessary for us to secure excellent personnel at all times by conducting recruitment activities that clearly define the development skills required, in order to develop and deploy new services. The expansion of human capital is an essential element in the creation of the Group's value. We will respect the personalities and human rights of our employees, treat them fairly, create a safe and comfortable work environment, and promote diversity, active participation of women, and work from home. To this end, we will strengthen our recruitment activities, develop employees' skills, create an environment where women can work comfortably, and expand our development partners.

  • 4.Securing the trust of society

    Relevant SDG items

    • SDGs icon - Reduced Inequalities
    • SDGs icon - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

    In order to be a company that is trusted by its shareholders, customers, society, employees, and other stakeholders, it is necessary to establish and operate an appropriate corporate governance system to enhance management transparency and fairness, and to increase corporate value. In addition, it is imperative for the officers and employees who make up the organization to not only comply with laws and regulations, but also to act in a sensible manner with high ethical standards. The Group has established a Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct, conducts compliance training, and strives to improve compliance on a daily basis. In the event of any compliance issue such as fraud, the Compliance Committee convenes and takes an appropriate action. In addition, the Company has established a whistle-blower system to ensure that irregularities are not buried.