Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

We are committed to improving customer satisfaction by building and operating a quality management system and constantly striving to improve quality. CAP's quality management system obtained ISO9001 certification in March 2010.

Quality Policy

  1. We aim to meet customer expectations and ensure 100% accuracy, appropriateness, and robustness of the deliverables we provide.
  2. We will optimize and properly operate process management at the development stage.
  3. By optimizing internal resources, we will build an efficient operation system and continue stable operation.

Certification Registration Scope

  1. Design, development, and maintenance services for computer systems
  2. Development, provision, maintenance, and operation of application services using a cloud environment

Certification Registration Details

  1. Certification acquisition date: March 10, 2010 (initial)
  2. Review registration organization: BSI Group Japan Co., Ltd.
  3. Certification body: ANAB (The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - American Society for Quality (ASQ) National Accreditation Board)
  4. Certification registration number: FS 556719
  5. Applicable standard: ISO9001